AKABE company has been operating on the construction market since 2000. Customer satisfaction is important in the work principle of the company. AKABE company is proud to offer a wide range of a high quality construction products to its customers. AKABE company, which provides a high quality service to its customers with production and sale of construction materials, is the official distributor of a well-known European and Asian brands in Azerbaijan. The company deals with the sale of the below-listed products.

In addition to operating as a distributor of the above-mentioned brands of construction products, AKABE company also deals with the sale of the products that it manufactures locally. AKABE company also cooperates with GILAN company which is a local producer. Due to our work during many years with a well-known brands we have benefited from production practices of many advanced countries. We have gained the trust of our customers by applying new technologies to a local production. Our goal is to provide the domestic market with reasonable prices and quality. Our company also includes “Akabe Furniture”, “Akabe PVC Lumber” and “Akabe Mosaics and Cutting” factories. We are at the forefront now due to the use of the advanced technologies in our factories, the selection of high quality raw materials, and availability of our professional and dedicated team of local and foreign experts. As a company we adapt quickly to innovations, apply international practices to local production, constantly enrich the models and consider customer satisfaction as the most important factor in our work. 

Our mission:

The main mission of AKABE company is to select a high quality products from the countries of Europe and Asia in order to offer them to the customers at the local market at affordable prices.  Satisfaction of our customers with our products, meeting their desires is very important for us. Our goal is to develop and expand our business activity areas, to offer a high quality foreign products to our buyers, and to organize production that meets international standards. AKABE is endeavoring to be the first company delivering the latest innovations to its customers