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Cheap Tiles And Their Role In The Interior

Cheap tile is usually obtained by dissolving clay, soil elements, powders and water. Cheap tile takes its final shape by baking at high temperatures. It has architectural features in home decorations

Glazed ceramic tiles, interior and application areas

Tile is usually made by mixing clay, soil elements, powders and water. Tile Tile is baked in a high temperature oven to get its final shape. In addition to the architectural features of home decorations, there is a wide range of tile products in the selection of accessories and items.

How to choose the right bath? Bathroom Accessories

No matter how fashionable the shower cabin is today, the bathroom never loses its relevance. Every connoisseur of this plumbing equipment, who provides comfortable and practical, irreplaceable, real rest after a hard day with small children at home

Natural stone in design: Granite

Granite used in construction and interior decoration is derived from volcanic lava. The material is extremely durable: it begins to deteriorate after 500 years without external stimuli. Granite is the second most durable stone after diamond.

Mosaic or Traditional Tiles? How to choose?

Both coatings - mosaics and tiles, differ in environmental friendliness, mechanical strength, ease of maintenance, resistance to physical abrasion, exposure to liquids, sudden changes in humidity and temperature, resistance to the formation of oil stains.

What is ceramic granite ? Where can it be used?

Ceramic granite is a very durable and hard material, an artificial material that mimics natural stone. Contrary to popular belief, it does not contain granite, but it is similar in physical properties.

Use and properties of ceramic granite

Ceramic granite is a type of ceramic tile. Used for coating exterior and interior surfaces. Ceramic granite is included in the list of the most durable and long-lasting materials. 

How are tiles and brooms made and what determines their quality?

Metlach tiles have existed for over 150 years, they appeared in the German city of Metlach. These are ceramic tiles that are fired at very high temperatures. And therefore it is highly durable

The role of the right choice of tile and ceramic products in the interior

When choosing a tile, it is important to first determine where you will use it and make the right choice. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only the beauty of its design, but also its technological features, depending on where it will be processed. For example, if you use tiles in the kitchen,

Akabe Inshaat has launched a campaign against the Coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic, which has spread around the world, has not passed our country. In recent days, the government has taken serious measures to prevent the spread of the virus.