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Find bathroom accessories from Aqaba Construction. Take advantage of free delivery. Make your choices with your family without spending extra time traveling and searching.

- Bathroom accessories: antique, gold, chrome, white, black and other colors;

- Bathroom furniture: in classic, modern, loft, modern, neoclassical styles, 40 cm., 50 cm., 55 cm., 60 cm, 65 cm., 70 cm., 75 cm., 80 cm., 100 cm. and in other sizes, it is possible to sell and order ready-made bathroom furniture;

- Toilets: floor toilets, hanging toilets, wall-mounted toilets, bracelet toilets and other toilets;

- Shower systems: stand shower, wall and wall shower, hygienic shower, smartcontrol, moving hill shower;

- Water mixers: wall and wall water mixers, bath-shower, kitchen, sink, sink and for tulips, hygienic shower - bidet water mixers, floor to floor;

- Plasmas pipes and fittings;

In addition, all spare parts and hoses for bathroom accessories and equipment are available.

As an official representative, we present you well-known brands that are popular in Europe, Iran, China and Russia. Plumbing products made only from quality materials will not rust, deteriorate or lose their quality during this period.

We Wish You Successful Options!


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